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Julia Waters


"I had coaching sessions prior to meeting Will, and whilst they were helpful, they were just touching the surface in comparison to the work we did together."

"Will has a special way of connecting with people from the outset, which for me, created a safe space to think about and address the areas of myself that I was avoiding."


"He is intuitive and brings out the best in people." 


"Will helped me to accept all of myself, not just the parts that society deem ‘proper’ for you to portray."

"I felt that a meaningful relationship with Will was easy to establish from the very beginning. I experienced real breakthroughs in the first session!" 



Vijay Kumar

Digital Marketing for Yogi

& Mystic Sadhguru

"I am successful in what I do, but I always felt that I had more potential, and that something was holding me back"


"I booked a free session and within 15 minutes I realised how much he could help me."

"Will gave me a structure to get more out of each day, with less effort. He listened to all my ideas and asked questions that gave clarity; suddenly everything was simple!"


"He created a plan that made it easy to manage multiple projects, and to build a new online shop." 


"My income doubled in less then 12 months. I am so grateful for Will's coaching, I couldn't have done it without him!"


Laura Murrell

Wedding photographer & single Mum

"I've never used a coach of any kind before, and all I can say is I don't think I'll ever be without one again. It is so refreshing and cleansing to have a space to speak freely about your fears, worries, hopes and dreams for the future.Working with Will was not what I expected at all; it was infinitely better."


"Everyday was the same; I felt somewhere between angry, frustrated and depressed. I felt so lost, but within just two sessions I felt completely transformed."


"I can see now that everything I want is within my reach, and I feel excited about it. I've never loved the people around me so much and I've never felt such peace within myself."



Real Estate, Dubai

"I spent a lot of time with talk therapists but my life continued to get worse. I had all the money I needed to live a life of luxury, but I was miserable. "I didn't believe anyone could help me."


"Within one session with Will I let go of everything that was holding me back, it was like magic! He helped me realise a set of limiting beliefs that were creating a life of suffering. It was so profound; I felt liberated with a new sense of love and excitement"

"Will gave me an exercise that revealed what I really want from life, why I wanted it and most important, how to create it. I have no doubt in my mind anymore; all the questions just disappeared! Thanks Will"

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