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What is your Hearts' Desire?

Monday 14th May

I am at Chang Mai airport waiting to board my flight to Phucket. On arrival I plan to continue my travel by Ferry to Phi Phi, but let’s not project the future. I have learnt from past life learning that anything can happen, moment by moment, and it is therefore ‘bad’ practice to spend time writing about the future. In our human history we have seen so many attempts to prophesise. Humans receive messages from source of an apartheid and spread the word. When the end of the world does not come, said human is ridiculed for believing they were capable of such miracles. What if, by spreading the word they raised our collective vibration to a frequency of harmony, and in turn restored the necessary balance to continue playing this game? Perhaps the end was nigh, but this ‘prophet’ saved the world.

There is no proof, all we have to SEE is that said human’s projection was ‘wrong’. The point is, we may well have the ability to see the future, we may well have the power to create it, but the moment we see the future, we modify it. Alan Watts says it so well. We seek certainty in life, we wish to know the future to rid ourselves of anxiety and fear. We think that knowing the outcome is somehow advantageous and so man creates belief that he can see the future. As the predicted future becomes more and more real, life gets incredibly dissatisfying. Once we KNOW something, it loses its magic. Have you ever wondered how boring it would be to know everything before it happened? How unfulfilling that would actually be?

In truth, we crave unknowing. Spontaneity. And if this is not true for you already then keep seeking certainty until you find it. Once you believe that you know everything, can control the future and predict everything moment by moment, let me know how dull that is.

I can recall many moments in time where I felt it was safe to declare my word that a particular outcome would exist. A simple example is a business meeting with an individual known for reliability, set for one hour’s time. Within moments of declaring this future for myself, attempting to create permanence, I received word that said person can longer make the meeting. It was as if the Universe was trying to show me that I cannot predict the future, even something as simple as that. So, with this in mind, I can comfortably say that I plan to travel to Phi Phi on arrival to Phucket…but who knows. Perhaps the wind will change and I will feel like staying in Phucket. We shall see.

While I wait for my flight, I intend to continue writing about my last 7 days. I reached the point of calling Jannah to ask if she wanted to go out on the Harley Davidson and got no further. It’s a good thing I stopped when I did. I wanted to write about all of my experiences in that moment but my creative juices were running low. I realise now that we cannot be creative at ALL times. Sometimes it’s okay to be uncreative, just like it’s okay to NOT know.

Jannah and I went out on the Harley. The sun was shining on us all day as we drove around aimlessly, eventually stopping at the Potting Shed Pub. It has a beautiful outdoor bar with deck chairs, where we both basked in the sunshine with a bottle of still water.

I started tuning in to my doubts – what if it’s more expensive to book a flight at the airport? What if the cheapest flight outside of Europe is Syria or Turkey? They’re not spiritual! I was hoping for India. Then I realised that I may also have a long wait for the flight. “Why don’t I just use Skyscanner and book somewhere now?”. I caved and decided to book a flight; 9.40pm to GOA. I booked my taxi straight after and felt relief. “NOW I can enjoy myself HERE” I said to myself, giving permission to enjoy the present moment at the potting shed.

I lost faith in my idea.

Napoleon Hill says that we each have a built in governor who filters all ideas so that we only receive those that are possible for us to create. “What the mind of a man can conceive and believe, he can achieve”. Napoleon has such a way with words. The point here is that I was met with an idea to go to the airport and book a flight. A whole number of things would ‘need’ to align for it to workout, things out of my control, and I couldn’t quite develop the faith and belief to see the idea through. “So?” I hear you thinking. “You still booked a flight to GOA the same day, that’s spontaneous enough”.

Well, here is where I was met with the realisation that I could have benefited from seeing my idea through with complete FAITH…

On route to the airport, my Mum messaged me saying “What about vaccinations? What about a visa?”. I have no desire to get vaccinations. I believe they are unhealthy and that my body can regulate itself when properly taken care of. Any desire to get vaccinated is purely fear based, driven by Western Society.

Source, please keep me protected from ALL disease during my travels.

A visa however, this is something I would need. I could feel the verge of a mind manic thought process kicking in. All the possible outcomes wanted to consume my consciousness. Would I be able to get a visa on arrival? If not, would I be able to cancel my flight? Will I have to go back home? Oh the waste of money and time and energy and the list goes on and on. Instead of exploring them, I declared to myself that this ‘problem’ will solve itself. I fixated my mind on the end, which was any outcome except going home. I had faith that it would work out.

When I arrived at the airport, I went to the ticket desk and apologised. I said I had made a mistake and asked what my options were. To my surprise, I was able to cancel my flight, receive a full refund and book another flight. The question was, where did I want to go? After exploring the available options, the flight that met the criteria was Bangkok. It wouldn’t have been my first choice but it was the cheapest available flight somewhere outside of Europe and sunny. I booked it and 40 minutes later I was in the sky.

Once I was in the air I had time to reflect on my day. Where in life was I NOT present, and how could I have changed my behaviour to BE present.

I discovered that losing faith in my idea cost me not only time, but also the ability to absorb the joy and bliss that would have otherwise been available to me throughout the day. I spent roughly 30 minutes on my phone booking a flight to GOA, and I spent the time leading up to this task in my head, thinking about whether I should or should not book online. This distracted me from the present moment, where I was surrounded by beautiful countryside and sunshine. While booking the flights, I had two friends I had not seen for a while come over and attempt conversation. I was stuck in my task and unable to connect with them or Jannah during this time. I created boundaries and remained in isolation, even though I appeared to be ‘entertaining’ the conversation.

So that is 30 minutes of being on my phone plus the time spent in my head beforehand. The cost of this is being disconnected from people and my environment, two things I value. In addition to this, it took me 40-45 minutes to cancel my flight on arrival, plus the close call with letting my mind take over on the taxi journey.

This may or may not seem significant to you, but the truth is that by losing faith in myself and my idea, I lost approximately 2 hours of my waking day, I lost the opportunity to connect with friends and loved ones, and I caused myself stress and anxiety. Here is the brilliant part. I ended up booking a flight at the airport that met the criteria – my original idea worked!

The lesson of this story is to have faith in yourself. When you are met with an idea from the heart, believe in the idea and remove all doubt and fear. When you allow doubt and fear to drive your actions, you create unnecessary work for yourself and limit the joy and bliss available to you throughout the day. If I were unconscious / not self-aware, then I would most likely have missed the opportunity to learn this lesson about myself, in which case I could be wasting 2 hours every day on tasks that add no value, nor help me attain my goals. That’s 14 hours per week, 56 hours per month and 672 hours per year. Just think about what you could do with that much time created? A simple shift in mind set can give you this time!

Where in life are you letting the mind overthink and over analyse to the point where doubt and fear provoke wrong action? Of what value would it be to learn how to remain in the present moment with complete self-belief? Imagine having complete faith that everything will happen exactly how it is supposed to, and that whatever idea enters your mind is only in your mind because it had the power to exist…how different would your life look? What impact might this have on your business?

Still closed minded? Okay, try this on. If the beginning of time to now was put on a 12-month calendar, the beginning of time would be January 1st and this present moment – the one YOU are in right now – would be December 31st. Human beings arrived at 11.45pm on December 31st. We have been here for 15 minutes!

So let me ask you, why do we think we know everything?

From my experience, the more I know the more I realise I don’t know.

The last 7 days have been absolutely magical. I spent 2 nights in Bangkok, where I visited the most amazing temple I have ever seen – The Grand Palace – among other things. I have spent 4 nights at an Elephant Rescue Centre in Chai Lai, Chang Mai. I stayed in a hut deep in the jungle, where I swam with elephants, played football with locals, slept beside wild dogs, jumped from a cliff in to a waterfall, made friends with people from all around the globe, and shared some serene moments with Aurora, a kind hearted soul from New York. We sat in the darkness beneath a waterfall, catching glimpses of lighting and the occasional firefly, we meditated inside a cave at a Buddhist temple, helped locals take down their seating area for rainy season, listened to Jazz along the river and ate beautiful food together. I have done all this and more, including some of my most productive work. has been given a face lift and I have booked 2 new coaching clients. secured a 50,000 sq. ft. office move for one of our partners Devono Cresa, and I had a phone call with the Chairman of ReTechDach who wants to expand MyOfficeMove into the Germen speaking countries. All of this was made possible from listening to my heart, not my mind.

I am sharing this with you for one ‘soul’ purpose. It is my intention to end the story. The voice of nagging doubt and fear of failure that you have been listening to for so long, with hope that one day the spell will magically lift itself. Well, with hope there is doubt. These two burning furnaces are emotions we know so well and, believe it or not, find comforting. We cling on to emotions we know and believe in, which makes it so hard to let go of and wake up. I invite you to break through your comfort zone today and do something magical. What is it that your heart desires? You know, the one that’s been brewing for so long…it’s screaming at you right now. Follow that desire in this present moment. Believe in yourself. Have faith. It will work out exactly how it’s supposed to.

Thank you for reading.

Love Will x

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