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What experience should a business coach have?

What experience should a business coach have?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Those who can’t, teach.

Can a business coach really support your personal development in business if they haven’t achieved success themselves? Do they really understand what it takes in the real world? Is theory enough to take you where you want to go?

I guess there is no right or wrong answer to this one. There are more business coaches out there that have never run a business of their own, then coaches that have. In fact some businesses employ graduates from university, provide them the skills to run a business and then subcontract them out as coaches. I imagine these companies wouldn’t exist if they weren’t providing real value to their clients. However, this is typically a consultative approach where the coach may spend time with the companies employees. If you are an individual looking to start your own business, or a small business owner looking to expand, using a coach like that is unlikely to be cost effective.

This is where finding a business coach that has real experience in the business world is invaluable. They understand the challenges you face as someone starting out in business, or someone growing an SME. It can be so rewarding to have support when times are difficult. A coach can increase your self-belief, provide a different perspective on a problem, come up with value adding ideas at critical times, provide unbiased advice and ongoing support as well as other valuable advice.

Before choosing your coach make sure you ask questions about their experience, training and qualifications. In addition, make sure there is a connection on a personal level. You should be looking to build a long term relationship so it’s crucial that you enjoy your conversations together.

A common problem with finding a reliable business coach is that, the most successful businessmen tend not to have time to help others. For me, I love helping others. I have 5 years of experience building and running a successful business that generated more then £15million and employed nearly 100 people. I now have an online business that requires only about 2-4 hours of my time per day, and I have plenty of free time in between my self-development, hobbies, family time and occasional event I attend to support young entrepreneurs and the homeless. I love talking about business and I love travelling, so providing one on one coaching via Skype suits my lifestyle and passion perfectly. My time is limited though, so I only ever have a maximum of 8 clients at any given time.

I’m lucky enough to be selective with who I coach. I only choose to work with people that I connect with, that have genuine passion for starting a business or growing an existing one.

If you’d like to work with me please send an email to with information about yourself, why you would like my help and anything else you can include to show your level of commitment.

Why not start today?

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