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Vote for MyOfficeMove is almost 12 months old now. In that time I have shared some of MyOfficeMove's journey so anyone reading my post's should have a reasonable idea as to what we do, how we do it and most importantly, why.

When I first had the idea to build MyOfficeMove, I was certain that we would need investment to get it off the ground. In the tech world, it is almost unheard of to create a platform and generate revenue without investment. I can't claim to be that one company to achieve this, because I did raise £20,000 from a friend at a £500,000 valuation, but this is a very small investment in comparison to other tech companies out there.

This month, MyOfficeMove has generated it's first £7,500 from a single office move and we have almost 100 more in the pipeline. This week I applied to pitch the business to Richard Branson and I need as many votes as possible to have a chance of winning the opportunity.

To anyone who reads this article; Please click vote now and vote for MyOfficeMove on Voom 2018. If you do, please drop me an message so I can personally express my gratitude.


  • To search the market companies must search multiple websites or instruct an agent.

  • There is a huge variety of offices, from flexible workspace to conventional leasing - the current marketplace is confusing with little transparency.

  • There is a minimum of 7 services required when moving into a leased office. Property agent | Surveyor | Solicitor | Fit out | Furniture | IT & Telecoms | Removals. There is no tool available to search and compare these services.


  • We have connected the industry to a central platform, helping companies moving office connect with everything they need in one place.

  • We are reducing the time taken to move by up to 40% and the overall cost by 15%.

  • We have more offices than any other platform in the UK (10,000+)

  • We are the only platform to freely display an array of suppliers for the full end-to-end process of moving.

  • We are reducing the sales & marketing spend of suppliers in the industry, making it easier for them to connect with their target market.


  • Will Blakey is a serial entrepreneur who loves connecting things together. He has built a sales & marketing company in the past that turned over £15m in 5 years, with zero investment.

  • Shervin William is a full-stack developer with an eye for business and marketing. He has built technology for


£26bn is spent on moving office every year. The commercial property industry is notoriously behind on implementing technology to improve its processes and the moving office industry is no exception to this. There has been little to no innovation in this space, so MyOfficeMove is in pole position to become the market leader - a 7% market share would equate to over £87m in revenue per annum, making MOM a 'unicorn'.


In 2015, Will had a bad experience with moving office. His company of 50 staff relocated over an 18 month period, which took far longer and cost much more than expected. Within 3 months of completing the move, they had grown to almost 100 employees and needed additional space. It was a very frustrating experience.

In 2016, Will consulted for a small office fit out company who was struggling to connect with new clients. In the process, he discovered that companies in the industry were willing to pay huge fees for market data.

In 2017, the idea for MyOfficeMove was created with a vision to connect companies moving office with everything they need in one central platform. An online marketplace was born.


  • We have more offices UK wide then any other platform (10,000+) and each listing is displayed with the complete cost of moving.

  • We have over 1200 suppliers freely searchable for all users.

  • We have 3 global partners and several London partnerships.

  • We have successfully completed an office move of 2,000 sq ft.

  • We are currently working with an office move of 50,000 sq ft.

  • We have 50+ office moves in the pipeline.

  • We graduated from an accelerator academy,

  • We have been featured in and the Daily Mirror.

  • We have between 100-200 new users join our platform every week with £zero spent on marketing.


We are raising investment to continue development of the worlds first marketplace for moving office. MyOfficeMove can connect every city in the world together, helping companies relocate anywhere in the world without having to leave their desk.

Have a watch of the video to hear our vision and follow us on FB, Twitter and Instagram :)

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