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The power of Knowing

I have been on a very deep and meaningful journey of self-development over the last 18 months. By far the most powerful experience to date was the 15 nights I spent in the amazon rain forest with Shamans participating in medicinal ceremonies using Ayahuasca tea.

During my stay there I wrote a total of 35,000 words in my journal, which I have since transferred to word format in anticipation of publishing my first book, Peru - a trip to self discovery.

For those of you that don't know about Ayahuasca tea, it is a medicinal tea mixed from the vine of the Ayahuasca tree (which means ‘vine of the soul’ or ‘vine with a soul’) the leaf of either the chacruna (Psychotria viridis) or chagropanga (Diplopterys cabrerana), both of which are plants that contain a relatively high amount of the psychedelic substance DMT.

My experience is like no other and the English language is insufficient in portraying the true effect that the medicine has on a human being. It has opened my mind to things that I didn't think were possible. I've compared it to the limitless pill, 10 years of talk therapy and the secret to life.

I have continued keeping a journal since I returned from Peru in order to continue my work and develop my knowledge further. It is only when we attempt to teach others that we realise how little we know, so I find sharing with others a great exercise for myself, but I also find passion in enlighting others.

Today, I have decided to share an extract with you.

I am currently sat outside the City of London Libary where I will soon be going to complete some market research for MyOfficeMove, a tech company I founded earlier this year with a vision to become the first online market place for moving office. Only 30-40% of the commercial property market is currently available online, and google is an ineffective way of searching and comparing the various products and services required to manage a successful move. We are currently in an accelerator academy ( and I have been set the task of preparing some market research.

Building your own business is a very emotional, lonely and difficult journey, especially when the business you are building requires extensive research and development before generating any revenue. It's easy to lose faith in yourself and the idea, but I can happily say that my experience with Ayahuasca tea has helped me develop faith in myself, which has ultimately lead me to discovering a tool known as the power of knowing.

The power of knowing is a state of mind that eliminates doubt and fear. When we remove these limiting beliefs from our subconscious mind we become limitless. The internal narrative that tells us we cannot do something and that we are not good enough ceases to exist.

If you are still reading this, then you are about to read an extract from my journal which I wrote today. If the words resonate with you than you too have the power to discover this tool for yourself. It is a fundamental principle of life that helps us consciously create a life of meaning and purpose, without doubt and fear limiting us from being all that we can be.

Here goes.....

Friday 6th October

I felt the need to re-read my journal before putting pen to paper today. I wanted the story to flow continuously in a way that is easy to read and easy to understand, so that anyone that doesn't know me can follow my journey with ease, if they so wish to follow it. I've always wondered whether my story would ever be something of interest to anyone. I am starting to wonder much less. I just finished reading 'The gene keys golden path' by Richard Rudd. There are 4 volumes that follow the gene keys themselves. This one is called the activation sequence, discovering your genius.

Before we can guide others we must fully embody ourselves and in order to do that we must learn how to be rather then how to do. So I will continue being me, or simply 'being' should I say.

Every day we are someone new. If we look at a photo of ourselves even just one day ago, the truth is that we will never recreate that exact version of ourselves, because that version only exists in that moment. The way we felt, the experience itself, the version of other people with us, or the environment we are in, all of it ceases to exist the moment it is created. Everything is changing every moment of every day, including ourselves.

I wrote yesterday that my biggest fear is losing my mind, and it is this fear that causes me to forget. When we surrender to the future, let go of the past and live in the now we reconnect with the rhythmic pulse of the universe and we sycronise with our true purpose, our true gifts, our true meaning. Truth.

It is when we live in this flow of the universe that we experience effortlessness. It is in this space that we can consciously create. Knowing this to be true takes time, there is a process to follow.

First we must be curious of this truth. The words must somehow resonate with us and we must feel empowered to discover this truth for ourselves.

Our curiousity will lead us to experience it in our lives without awareness. It will only be on reflection that we realise it entered our lives. (This is why self-reflection is key to making progress).

Then we must develop acceptance. Accepting it to be true will initiate a new belief system that supports it.

This will lead to a deeper understanding, one that creates noticeable patterns in our life that are undeniable, yet our minds will still call them coincidences.

It is in this space that we may experience our most mental confusion. We will focus so much on these patterns that memories from our past will intrude our thoughts and create difficult emotions. We will feel the urge to consume and indulge - another alcoholic drink, excessive eating, spending money, moving places, or in my case the desire to smoke a joint.

Our minds cannot process what we are experiencing in real time because it is simply too much information to focus on, yet it will try, and so we will feel an impulse to escape, using distraction as temporary relief.

I encourage you all to be brave, to sit with yourself and feel the feelings, think the thoughts and have faith in the process. It will lead you to a state of knowing. This is the final phase before you can enter your heart and live with purpose, meaning and truth.

When I write in my journal I write without thought, it's the awareness behind the thought that produces the content. I will continue developing this skill in order to expand my mind and help others understand what I know. I believe I can communicate the process of reaching this state of mind (one without limits) better then I have so far. Most people are 'mental', making decisions about how to live by using their mind, rather then their heart. When I fully embody this in myself and reconnect with my heart I will produce a video to share this knowledge with you all.

If you have any questions about the power of knowing, or anything else that came up in your mind while reading this article that may be bothering you, please get in touch using using the contact form.

Thanks for reading.

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