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The Power of a Vision Board

A vision board will not make your dreams come true.

Not when it’s a stand-alone item, and not without real strategy and effort put into making that vision your reality.

However, when used as a tool to inspire and motivate your strategy and effort, a vision board is a very powerful tool indeed.

Manifesting really has two key steps to it.

The first is gaining total clarity on what you want – and this is where the vision board comes in.

The second step is taking bold, positive action towards creating your desired reality.

Let's look at the first step of manifesting – gaining total clarity on where you want to steer yourself, using a vision board.

Why vision boards are powerful

Humans are very visual creatures – and this is a big part of why vision boards work to motivate us and keep our focus on our big goals. We have all heard the expression, “seeing is believing”. As far as our brains are concerned, if we are looking at something, it is real. To physically look at something you have only dreamed of before makes it feel so much more tangible.

This feeling we get from looking at something we desire and feeling it as tangible is key to raising our vibration. I mentioned above that the Law of Attraction (or manifesting) comes into play here. When we feel focused on our goal, when we feel that it is real and achievable, our vibration and energy work better to help us move closer to that goal.

This might be sounding a little ‘out there’, so let’s strip it back to the essentials. All I’m really talking about is how we approach our goal – how we ‘do life’. When we come at a challenge with vision, strategy, purpose, work ethic, and above all a great attitude (reflected in our good vibration) we are in so much better a position to actualize our desired result.

Keeping a vision board of well-chosen pictures is an effective way to keep our focus and our good vibration. On your board you will not be looking at anything that lowers your vibration – no credit card bills or parking tickets are allowed here! But rather you are looking at a curated vision of your future.

Popular pictures on vision boards are future homes, cars, and holiday destinations. These things are motivators to get you out of bed every morning, and to go about your day with the best attitude and most perseverance that you can muster. Your great attitude, perseverance, and good vibration all translate into better results. Far away goals become a little closer the more you stick with this approach.

It’s planning, but more powerful

All awesome goals that are ever achieved must begin with a clear plan. Actions taken without some kind of guidance rarely hit the mark. I believe that the starting point for a great plan is your vision – getting clear about what you want and why you want it.

Sure, the word vision can be applied to a mental image, an idea or a concept. But knowing that we are visual creatures, and understanding how much importance the human brain places on what we see with our eyes – it stands to reasons that the best laid plans begin with a pictorial representation of the desired outcome.

Personal experience

I created my first vision board after watching a video on YouTube called ‘Draw your future’. It’s a slightly different concept to a vision board but the power is the same. I carefully thought through where I was in life, where I wanted to be, and what I needed to do in order to get there. The coloured images became impressions in my brain. I carried this folded A0 piece of paper in my ruck sack everywhere I went, with a belief that it would keep me on the path to making it a reality. I remember on more then one occasion exactly how this folded piece of paper kept me on track to achieving my goals. An example that comes to mind now is when I was walking between meetings in London, feeling uninspired and demotivated. I had all these meetings to go to, all these relationships to manage and I was clueless as to whether they were helping me or simply wasting time. A thought popped into my mind that said I should just give up and go travelling, I should stop trying to build my company and just become a beach bum. Lovely idea right? Well, the coloured image of my company logo that I had previously drawn on this folded piece of paper flashed into my mind and created a sensation that said, “NO! You are manifesting this into reality, keep going!”. I continued on my way to said meeting, tired and confused, but with a belief that it was all happening for a reason. I was manifesting!

If you have never tried vision boarding then I urge you to give it a go. You don’t have to go overboard and print out pictures of every little thing you think you want. In fact, keeping it simple is a great approach – you don’t want your focus to get too diluted. So pick a few things to represent your desired future, then start planning and taking positive action. Alternatively, watch this video and follow in my footsteps;

Check back here and tell me about the results sometime!

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