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The 6 keys to WILL power

What is WILL power? Why is it important? How do I get it?

Google's definition of WILL power is the control exerted to do something or restrain impulses.

Have you ever wanted to do something but lacked the motivation to do it? Or have you ever known that you are about to do something you know you shouldn't, yet you do it anyway?

This is the result of a lack in WILL power.


WILL power is a fundamental principle that sets the foundation for success. The saying, "where there is a will there is a way" exists because of its pure accuracy. If you have the will do something then you will find a way to make it happen, no matter what. It sounds amazing and it really is, but obtaining WILL power is no easy task. To people living in a world of instant gratification, finding true and lasting WILL power is incredibly difficult. We can be easily inspired by someone or something that sets us off in a new direction, leaving behind what we once thought we so badly desired. This happens because we haven't discovered what it is that we truly desire, so we dabble in many things never feeling true fulfilment. This is okay, because it becomes part of the journey to discover what it is that you do truly desire. True desire is equal to that of true WILL power. So how do you work out what it is that you really want from life?

There are 6 keys to discovering WILL power for yourself.


This is a scary one. We all have secrets and we all have insecurities. There are things we say to ourselves that we would never want to say to someone else, even our best friend. These secrets and insecurities stay inside our minds and manifest in our every day lives. We are continuously triggered by external events and fear follows our every move. This fear can be mistaken for not being good enough, feeling like a failure, or another limiting belief tells convinces us we cannot achieve something, and therefore should give up. The only way to let go of this is to be honest with yourself and others. If you want to discover true WILL power then you must follow the truth, no matter how painful it may be. The truth always comes out in the end anyway, so the real truth is that you are only prolonging your suffering. You can continue living inside your own mind, painting a fantasy world where no one ever finds out your deepest fears and secrets, but one day they will manifest in reality and your entire life will come crashing down. Think about it want to be successful both in life and business, yet you are lying to yourself and others? This is going to waste a huge amount of energy. Not only will you have to remember what you said to someone in order to keep the lie alive, you'll also have to suppress the fear of being found out. The story you tell yourself as to why it's better to keep secrets WILL cause you long-term suffering, which will also effect those around you. Okay, so maybe you'll cause some pain to yourself and others by sharing the truth, but this pain is short-term. What would you rather, a life of long-term mild suffering that means you never discover your true purpose in life, or a short-term kick in the ass for being honest with yourself for the first time? I know it's scary, but the foundations you are living on now are unstable. In order to be truly successful you need solid foundations, so the first step to true WILL power is follow the truth. Anything other then the truth will lead to short-term success. Read Simon Sineks "Start with Why" if you want some great real life examples of how this is true in business.


Once you begin your journey to following the truth it is likely that you'll start to wonder "What is my purpose?". What is it that you have come to earth to create? This is an extremely difficult question to grasp but I can assure you that, when you take the time to ask yourself this, you will realise how valuable your life really is. Purposelessness is a difficult emotion to experience and you may need some guidance through this cycle of life, but facing it is an opportunity to choose a purpose. If you could devote your life to just one thing what would it be? What would give you a real sense of fulfilment? A great starting point for this is conversation. What conversations do you enjoy the most? Next time you find yourself talking with passion about a topic, ask yourself if that topic is an area that you could devote your life to. My advice here is not to think about money, instead think about love and passion. If you choose love and passion then money comes! It can be hard to see this when you are not in this state of mind, especially when your surroundings, including the people within it, tell you something different. The real truth is that when you follow love and passion you will eventually surround yourself with others that share this mindset. We attract what we are. When you start living this way, things will find you, and opportunities will find you! Great and unimaginable things can happen once you start meeting like-minded individuals. It really is impossible to know what doors might open, so faith is required in this process, but eventually you'll gain enough momentum to believe in yourself without just have to start the process.


The journey to discover purpose can be a long and lonely road. You might start to believe that the universe is giving you signs of what direction to take and who to spend time with, which can be overwhelming. It may trigger you to question what it all means. This is a great sign! Just like purposelessness, meaninglessness is a challenging emotion. When you realise that you really do have the power to choose your purpose and that you really can achieve anything you want, it can start to feel pretty pointless. If I can have and do anything I want, how does that give me any sense of achievement? We are used to fighting uphill battles to achieving the smallest piece of success, which when we complete give us a great sense of satisfaction. As you realise that you are capable beyond measure, without limits, it can make you question the meaning of it all. What is the meaning?! Again, this is up to you to choose. There are multiple cultures, religions, political and economic values across the world. Where you are born will determine what set of values you live by, but once you wake up it's time to choose what values you want to live by. I recommend that you work backwards on this one. Choose your output to determine your input. Create a meaning that serves your highest purpose; love!


So by now you'll have spent a good amount of time living by the truth. You may fall back a few steps at times, but once you start getting close to choosing a purpose and meaning it will be pretty difficult to tell a lie and keep secrets. You'll notice them as soon as they come out of your mouth, and whats more interesting is that you'll notice when others are lying to you. It can create some conflict and provoke some challenging thoughts and emotions, but ride them out and you'll continue installing your higher purpose and meaning of life. The way to accelerate this process is discipline, which tends to have a bad reputation. When we say the word discipline we associate it with hard work and something undesirable. This is not true. Discipline is the way to freedom. Joe Rogan has a great video on Youtube about this. It can seem like a chore at first, but you'll start to have compounded results and it will become addictive. You'll find it easy to go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning with a spring in your step. You'll stop expressing underdeveloped opinions, you'll start eating healthier, working out and attracting people that support your purpose without much effort. It will feel like like the less you do, the more you acquire - it really is a paradox. Be careful here, if you start trying to teach others then they may give you reason to have doubt, which will slow down the process. Focus on yourself through this period and get your head down. Keep track of your progress in the form of a journal, keep a strict schedule of all the tasks you know you must do in order to self-actualise and stay true to your word. Even if you feel undisciplined, a time will come where you look back on the person you were maybe just 6 months ago and you'll realise how much more you are capable of doing now then back then.


Okay now this one is really important. You've started to notice results and opportunities are turning up left right and centre. It may feel like you are being pulled in a million different directions and it can be easy to stop the practice. If you start telling yourself it's easy and get complacent then all the opportunities you've worked so hard to attract will start to fall away from you. If this happens just stop what you are doing and take some time to rest. Grasping hold of everything around you will push them further away, so slow down and let the work you've done sink in. It is likely that your EGO wants to take all the credit for the deep development of the self, so recognise the patterns of behaviour that emit a sense of "I am better then". It's important to stay grounded and consistent with your practice. Whatever tools you have chosen to work with, whether they be rituals, mantras, journaling, meditation or affirmations I urge you to continue with them. Each day you don't listen to yourself could set your goals back 6 months, so stay consistent with your practice!


This is the final step to true WILL power. By this point you will have enough experience to believe that the Universe is supporting your every desire, you will have been effortlessly connected with all the knowledge, people and opportunities to manifest your ideas into existence, and you will have no doubt in your mind that anything is possible. How do you respond to this? Are you grateful? Do you feel blessed? Are you sharing this power with others? Make sure that you are manifesting with love and light, and that you are giving as much as you can at all times. Huge things are on the horizon, all of your needs will ever met and more. It is time to show the Universe that you trust and have complete faith. Once you make a commitment with all of your heart, the final door will open. All of your dreams will come true, and you will be living a life that serves a higher purpose; one that serves this world beyond measure. It's time to surrendor, and to enjoy every moment.

Once this door opens, you may want to expand your vision. A vision board is a great way to do this.

If you follow these 6 keys you will eventually discover WILL power for yourself, so why not start today? I challenge you to tell someone the truth. Whatever it is that is in your mind right now, in this very moment, this is the truth you must share today in order to start your journey of awakening. If it's overwhelming then please connect with me, I am happy to talk you through the process.

Thank you for reading.

Love Will x


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