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Live in the present, that’s where all the gifts are.

I’ve read countless quotes about yesterday being history, tomorrow being a mystery and the present moment being exactly where we are suppose to be. I’ve read books, articles and blogs, I’ve watched documentaries and motivational videos, and I’ve had hundreds of conversations with leaders and coaches about being truly present. It’s a very difficult thing to master.

The human mind is built on habits. As we grow up certain life events that occur, information that we absorb and people we encounter all influence what habits we develop. Thinking about the past and worrying about the future is a very common habit in the western world, so much so that the majority of people are completely unaware they even do it. It is so normal to live life this way that people fail to recognise this flaw in themselves. We are addicted to thinking, and thinking is a form of escapism from what is going on right now, in this very moment.

There is no one fits all solution for helping people live in the present moment. Meditation works for some, whereas certain medicines and talk therapy helps others. There is no right or wrong way to practice living in the now, but it certainly is a practice. There will be times that you are better at it then others, and there will be times when you think you’ve cracked it, only to find out that you haven’t. We can never be complacent about living in the present moment, life is too valuable.

One of the things that would have helped me with my practice when I first started would be to have understood the core benefits in doing it. Sure, I may no longer feel depressed and anxious, I may be able to enjoy life more and achieve fulfilment, but how can I really believe in this when I’m feeling the way I do at the beginning of the practice? It’s difficult to believe that ‘living in the moment’ is really going to solve all of our problems, and so we attempt to practice it without complete faith. It’s not until we start miraculously having break throughs that we begin to understand it better and try harder (or stop trying should I say).

When I was younger I was told that we can learn something new every day. This is true, but it is also true that we can learn something every second of every day. When we are fully awake, fully conscious and living in the present moment, we are tuned in to the universe from a different source of energy. We will notice things we otherwise would have missed, we will be able to connect with others on a more meaningful level, and we will understand who we are, why we are here and what we should do with complete clarity. We will no longer be distracted by the voice of doubt and confusion. Imagine what you could achieve if you were learning something new every second.

Life happens exactly how it’s supposed to. When we stop replaying the past and worrying about the future, we open new doors to a life that serves our true-self, rather then the version of ourselves that we create with this paradoxical thinking.

Yesterday I was riding my motorbike along some winding roads in the Spanish hills of Cuenca. At times I would find myself thinking through certain future events that I have lined up. I was thinking about the meetings I have when I visit London next week. Then I realised that I needn’t do that right now. I have organised them already and I can let my subconscious mind do the work for me. Everything happens exactly how it’s supposed to, if I feel the need to prepare for my meeting in more detail then I will have a calling to sit down and do the work, but right now, while riding my bike, I needn’t be worrying. I tuned back into what I was doing, I was fully present, feeling the wind hit my face, the sun shining on my skin and I found myself smiling with joy. I didn’t know where I was riding to, all I knew was that I wanted to find somewhere to sit and continue my book. I rode with relaxed belief that I would find the perfect spot without the need to overthink it, despite having no idea where I was or where I was going. I was in the present moment. All of a sudden, I spotted a perfect location, a hidden cave about 50m off road. I parked up, set up in the shade and ate my food before continuing to write my book. Then I had a calling to record a video log for my subscribers – I recorded what I believe to be the best video I have done so far, it was unplanned; I didn’t think about what I was going to say, I didn’t think about the scenery, I just recorded and spoke from the heart. Why do I tell you this? Because I want to give an example of how everything falls into place when you stop trying to control life with the mind. To control the mind means to use it when it serves you, not to serve it. Living from the heart and being present meant that I had the experience I just mentioned. Had I of been stuck in my mind, thinking about next week, I wouldn’t have even noticed the hidden cave. How do I know this? The human eye can absorb 2,000,000 pixels at any given time, the brain can only process 136,000. The 136,000 pixels we choose to process completely depends on our perception, which is directly influenced by the way we think and feel.

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