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How a boy genius reinvented my life

In late 2015 I was introduced to Yasser Khattak, a boy genius who reinvented the light switch and plug socket, for the world. I was fascinated by his invention so we talked for hours about the company vision and the meaning behind it. Yasser genuinely cared about saving the planet in a way that I had never been subject to before. He shared my passion for the environment but he had taken the liberty of doing something about it. His motivation to take responsibility for issues that others would not, and his ability to execute that into an innovative tech company was completely inspiring. Within the last 2 years my life has completely changed. My relationship with Yasser as a friend and investor has given me a new perspective to life and business. 

I've always had a vision for making the world a better place. I believed that once I had made my millions I could use my money to help others, and more importantly invest my free time in supporting causes that I believe in. Meeting Yasser made me realise that life doesn't have to be so linear. With the belief I held, I was putting off helping others until the future, until I had made riches for myself. This meant that, despite having good intentions for the future, I prioritised making money now. Ever heard of money being the root of all evil? Well it's not, it's humans that are...but money can bring out the evil within and change us for the worse. The more money I earned the more extravagant my life became and the more money I needed in order to satisfy my own wants and desires.

I am 26 years old. I have helped raise a total of £18,000 for action for children in my last company, I single handedly raised £3,000 for Demelza children's hospice by cycling from London to Paris without any training, I've volunteered my time to feeding the homeless, I've supported various charities and I'm always available to help a lost soul, but considering how much I've earned within the last 5 years, this is really insignificant. My own greed to have more, be more and attract egotistical people and possessions blocked my vision to making a change, when in fact I was already well equipped to make a difference. 

Last year I lost the majority of my net worth, my relationship failed and I had to start all over again. I had to make a decision, do I chase money first and help others afterward like I originally planned, or do I find a way to do both simultaneously. 

What if I spend the rest of my life trying to make riches and fail? I'll never help anyone this way!

Yasser has taught me that when we focus on solving problems, helping others and making a positive impact, money comes in even greater abundance. When we make a shift to focus on improving our environment and helping our fellow men and women, we not only feel better about ourselves, but we attract in to our life what we deserve, including wealth in adbunance. It's the only way I believe people can earn money AND sleep well at night. 

I am yet to have an innovative idea to change the world. Right now I am focusing on building my online business, The reason I believe it will be successful on a grand scale is because it has been built on the same core values I hold within myself. If it doesn't help, don't do it. We made a choice to build a website that helps companies moving office save time and money, helps reliable suppliers and contractors secure work, and improves overall standards within the industry (I was inspired to do this based on the pain I faced when moving office, finding a suitable office and reliable contractors is very difficult!). Companies are just a group of people, so by saving them time and money, and by helping reliable contractors grow, we are helping lots of people at the same time.  

While this business will not change the world, I continue to help whoever shows up in my life looking for genuine support. "We can lead a horse to water, but we cannot force it to drink." When someone is open minded and willing to receive help, I can see the long term positive effect this has on society as a collective. If I help one person, they are able to help another, who can help another and so on. I may not be saving the environment in the traditional sense, but I believe that people are part of the environment. 

I am happy to respond to any emails from people looking for some motivational support, an answer to a difficult question or just proof that someone out there does care. 

Thank you Yasser for showing me the light. 

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