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What I learnt from the worlds number 1 wealth coach.

JT Foxx and Will Blakey

Earlier this year when I was launching myself as a coach, I saw an advert for a free 1-day seminar in Birmingham with the worlds number 1 wealth coach. It claimed to teach me everything I would need to know in order to become a coach myself.

I made extensive notes during the day in Birmingham. If anyone is interested in learning how to brand yourself, create a FB advert, generate a database of customers and fill a room full of 200 people just ask, I’ve got a step by step guide written in my red and black notebook.

When you have a room full of hungry people all wanting to make money, it’s time to sell yourself as a coach, convincing them why they should buy your book, your CD’s, your time and even your tie. This guy, branded as the worlds number 1 world coach is the best I’ve ever seen. He almost had me buying his CD.

Later on during the event, one of their Marketing girls confessed to a mistake they made as a company at a different seminar. They sold 100’s of blank CD’s, which by the way sold for over £400 each. I really appreciate honesty, but on this occasion I didn’t. They admitted that they knew the CD’s were blank before selling them, there was an error with burning them but it was too late to rectify. They thought that if anyone complains they can just send a new CD out at a later date. No body complained. Not 1 person. This is because no one listens to the CD. This guy is so good at using psychology to sell that he can get almost 50% of a room to impulsively buy a CD he knows they will never listen to.

The reason I didn’t buy his CD, and the reason I’ve not continued following him as a coach, is because (in my opinion) he isn’t really a coach. He is a salesman, disguised as a coach. I’ve been a salesman before, I’ve done the hard sell, using psychology to open someone up so that they listen to you, deliver a sales pitch, before closing them to buy your products. In fact I generated over £15 million in sales over 5 years, teaching others how to use direct sales practices to bring in sales, regardless of whether someone really needs what you’re selling. This is not who I am anymore, and in my opinion a good coach does not need to hard sell themselves, nor does a business that adds real value to its customers.

A good coach has a way of finding clients that are already open to receiving help, clients that are already prepared to put the work in, and that will want to develop an ongoing, long-term relationship. For those of you looking for a get rich quick scheme, continue responding to those FB adverts promising to teach you an automated, systematic, full-proof method of generating £100,000’s every year while travelling the world, then come back to me when that doesn’t work out. I’m sorry to tell you, but there is no get rich quick scheme, and if you want to earn money ethically then this definitely doesn’t exist.

Getting caught up in the sales spiel of the worlds number 1 wealth coach taught me what type of coach I want to be. I’m lucky enough to have become a millionaire at 24. I have experience in running a company with nearly 100 staff. I now have experience running an online business, We are currently raising £150,000 in fundraising. I travel the world. I study business, psychology and philosophy in my spare time. I have my own book currently being published. I love helping people, with a focus on Young Entrepreneurs and the homeless, and now I’ve developed a unique coaching program that can help others become the best version of themselves. I will only work with others that are ready and willing. If I cannot help someone I will always give them their money back (which I have done before!). I develop on going, long term relationships with all of my clients. I’m not here to hard sell you my CD or my generic systematic way of becoming a millionaire, I’m here to help you discover what you’re good at, what you love doing, and most importantly help you achieve it, guiding you every step of the way. I’m not the worlds number 1 wealth coach, I’m personable.

**This blog (and the photo) was edited to avoid legal action**

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