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How qualified is your life coach?

Will Blakey

They say that those who can’t, teach. Is this the case for your life coach?

I’ve had a life coach of my own for the last 12 months, Nanice Ellis from Utah. We speak on Skype every time something in my life becomes challenging. Rather then using friends and family as my sounding board, I talk to Nanice. She has an unbiased point of view, and most importantly her life experience qualifies her to support me through my most challenging times. I was very careful when I chose to work with her. There are so many coaches out there offering generic programmes, which they apply to everyone they work with regardless of the unique circumstances.

I found Nanice by reading her articles on MindBodyGreen. The topics she spoke about were very relevant to how I was feeling at the time, and it was clear from the way she spoke that not only was she qualified to help, she also loves helping.

Has Nanice got a degree in coaching? Does she have a certificate that says she is good enough? I'm not sure, but in my opinion, the only thing that qualifies someone to be a life coach is if they have managed to successfully coach themselves. Have they been through challenging things in their life? How did they manage them? What have they achieved in their life despite these challenges? What type of books do they read? Have they released their own books or content that touches you? If they haven’t, then they are not the coach for you.

No amount of training can help someone through this adventure we call life. Having life experience, a strong character and good values is what qualifies someone to coach you on your journey, and there must be a mutual connection. Before committing to a coach, be sure to find out about them. It’s okay to ask personal questions. In fact, the more personal you get the better. If they aren’t comfortable sharing information about themselves then they are not going to be as open with you as they expect you to be with them. This will create an unbalanced environment, one that is not built on complete trust. I am totally transparent with my clients, and in return they are totally transparent with me. This way we can create a space that encourages vulnerability and dive in to find the core problems much faster. When we are vulnerable, we are most open to change.

Emotions are an internal compass, guiding us through life. To become our true-self we must feel all emotions in real time and learn how to process them effectively. When we suppress emotions it’s like derailing the train, we are no longer on the path to our destiny. I have studied psychology and business for several years, I have 3 years experience with counselling, 12 months experience with CBT and 12 months experience with life coaching. I have learnt how to be my true-self and live from the heart. I am equipped to deal with anything life throws at me, and have overcome some of the most difficult life experiences with grace and humility. Most importantly, I love helping others on their journey, watching them evolve into better human beings that understand life the way I do.

How qualified is your life coach?

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