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5 Reasons to Read 10 Pages of a Book Everyday

Research reports that most CEOs read a book every week. Certainly, this dedication to growth and learning is a part of what makes them successful.

Personally, I read 10 pages of a book every single day, and will do so for the rest of my life. This is a part of my daily ritual: Why Daily Rituals Make Every Day Amazing, and How to Create Yours.

I’m committed to this as an important part of my own growth and learning, and I encourage you to do the same. If growth and learning are not strong enough reasons for you to take action, here are 5 reasons why you should start today..

1. Boost your career or business acumen (or any aspect of your life)

Reading books is a great resource. I tend to read books on business, phycology and spiritual development. Let’s say a successful business person or spiritual leader spends 10-20 years researching a topic before publishing their book. By reading their work you are absorbing 10-20 years of information. Read 10 books of this nature and you will be downloading the knowledge of 100-200 years of research. Quit wasting your time trying to work things out for yourself and tap into to the wisdom of those around you that have already walked the path you wish you tread. Do I really need to explain how this will help boost your career or business acumen?

2. Inspire your day

Biographies of the great philosophers and entrepreneurs are endlessly motivating.

Life is not always a smooth ride and it’s easy to let those personal traumas and short-term failures conjure feelings of ‘it’s time to give up’. Perhaps you feel like you haven’t got results quickly enough and start thinking of alternative ideas.

Have a look at this image and ask yourself; am I closer to my goals then I think?

Reading about the ups and downs of successful and inspirational people can provide a much needed boost during bleak times. The day that you are thinking of packing it all in could be the day you happen to read about Richard Branson’s weekend of panic when Virgin Music almost ran out of money – his quick thinking action to make some important phone calls and ask for help saved his company and pushed him to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time. This type of inspiration could be all you need to keep going and reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

Richard Branson: Losing My Virginity

The Upstarts: Uber, Airbnb and the Battle for The New Silicon Valley

3. Improve your reading skills

When I first started reading 10 pages every day, I found it difficult to focus. I couldn’t make much sense of the words, I had to read the page more than once to feel like I was getting any value, I would struggle to retain any of the content and it would take me a long time to complete the task – sometimes up to an hour! When you read 10 pages every day it becomes a practice, and with regular practice comes significant improvements. 18 months on I can now read 10 pages within 10-15 minutes, I understand the words as I am reading (because I am laser focused without allowing any other thoughts into my mind) and I can absorb the content in my long term memory. This means that I often read more than 10 pages a day and I gain much more value from each book that I read. Imagine what skills you could unlock if you could speed read with better retention.

4. It’s quality time with yourself

With the busyness and responsibility of daily life it’s easy to neglect ourselves. How often do you spend time doing something for yourself, without interruption? If the answer to this question is almost never then you are stuck in the rat race, putting others before your own needs and most likely feel run down and exhausted. The pressure of society can make us feel selfish for putting ourselves first, but the truth is that putting yourself first is selfless. When we take the time to focus on ourselves, we release stress and anxiety, we can calm our body conditioner to let go of hate, resentment, guilt, regret and other low vibrational energies, which in turn makes us more desirable to be around. Reading books is a great way to escape the rat race, develop your imagination and new skills. These qualities will help you to be more present with loved ones, work colleagues and friends, which will improve your quality of life and those around you.

5. Develop a habit of developing habits.

Doing something every day is essential when forming new habits. It has been scientifically proven that when developing a healthy habit, it becomes easier to install other habits. The habit of developing habits becomes a habit! This means that your unhealthy habits fall away over a period of time and are replaced by ones that serve you and your new goals for life and business.

So, with these reason in mind – and my personal experience as proof – are you ready to give this a try? I challenge you to make a commitment to yourself. For the next 30 days read at least 10 pages of a book every day. This might mean that you don’t watch that episode on Netflix before bed, or it might mean that you spend 30 minutes less on social media. Whatever it is, there will be SOMETHING in your day that can be replaced with reading 10 pages of a book.

Give this a try for the next 30 days and I guarantee that you will see positive changes in your life. Please report back and let me know how you get on, I would love to hear from you :)

Love Will x

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