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3 Steps towards Living a Healthier Life

Dieting is big business and every diet that’s out there has its success stories and its proponents who insist it really is something new and wonderful. But while all the latest diet fads and crazes no doubt work for some people, there’s no way that they could ever work for everyone.

The key to living a healthier life is of course partly to do with your diet and what you consume on a regular basis, but it is also a lot about your mental attitude and how you go about consistently nurturing positivity in your life more generally.

With all that in mind, here are 3 big steps you can take towards living a healthier and more positive life…

Step 1 – Actively avoid toxicity

This applies most obviously when it comes to your diet and the content of what you consume and put into your body. Taking in too many foods and fluids that are acidic or just plain bad for you is clearly a recipe for unhealthiness and, very possibly, for unhappiness as well.

Consuming too many unhealthy foods and drinks can also lead to problems with sleep and the kind of lethargy, which can eventually make every task seem more difficult and every challenge more daunting than the last. With an unhealthy diet you can also soon find yourself feeling unmotivated and lacking in confidence, which are always feelings worth aiming to overcome and leave behind.

The idea of avoiding toxicity should also extend to your life more generally. If you can avoid people or situations that leave you with negative energies then this will give you a much greater chance of staying positive and feeling optimistic when new opportunities come your way.

Step 2 – Make a fresh start

Simply putting a halt to your intake of toxic consumables will not be enough to really set yourself up for a healthier life. You also need to clean out your body as much as possible and effectively detoxify yourself in whatever way seems right to you.

There are lots of different ways in which you can aim to clean out your system and make a fresh start - from having a colonic to having specialist massages that open out some of the channels in your body where toxic elements may have gathered. By engaging in these processes in a positive way you’ll be giving yourself a much improved basis from which to start living your healthier lifestyle.

Eating and drinking more healthily is crucial to all this but you should also try to get more and better sleep, while also focussing on positive thoughts and attitudes rather than negativity and pessimism wherever you possibly can.

Step 3 – Focus on the now as you build for the future

Figure out what your body really needs in terms of nutrients and commit to making them part of what you ingest on a daily basis. In doing so you will be fuelling your body and going a long way towards readying yourself for whatever the world might have to throw at you.

You should not expect to give yourself a healthy body and mind overnight or even in the very short term. The process takes time and requires determination if you are to achieve the longer term goals you’ve set for yourself.

Regardless of your starting point or the end goals you have in mind, taking the above steps will undoubtedly move you decisively in the direction of a healthier lifestyle. From there you should begin to feel much more in control of your life and more positive emotionally in ways that are sustainable and can be endlessly beneficial.


It's easy to feel like you are the only person who is trying to improve your life. If those around you haven't had the same wake up call, or simply put they have no desire to change and improve their life, then making consistent progress can be extremely difficult. When building a healthier lifestyle, or starting out in business, it's imperative to surround yourself with like-minded people that support your mission. There a number of tools and techniques to keep you on track for whatever goal it is you've set yourself, but having a coach can definitely help. If there is even a slither of doubt in mind as to whether you have what it takes to create the life you desire, please get in touch. I am here to guide you. I will always answer emails so even if you just want a questions answered or some guidance without having to pay - I will do whatever I can to support you so just get in touch. You can do this.

Will Blakey.

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