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The Story of

The Story of

In 2015 I was the Managing Director of a Sales & Marketing led Security and Electrical Installations company in South East England. We employed over 50 staff and turned over more then £10mil within the first 4 years of operation. To celebrate our 4th year anniversary and expand to £15mil within 18 months, we decided to move office and launch a new brand, MyHome.

Without any experience of moving office, we started searching for the right location and the right building. Where was the best location for our staff? How big did the office need to be? How long will it take? Who can help us manage this effectively? These are all normal questions for someone moving office, but answering them isn't very easy. There is a lot of conflicting information online and prices vary massively from one supplier to the next, so how do you make decisions quickly without overspending?

Like most companies, we didn't know the answer to this question. Rather then asking for help we decided to manage the entire process ourselves, which became a huge distraction from the day to day running of the company. The CEO and I wasted a lot of time and energy searching the internet for the right property, the right location, the right furniture, the right IT company, the right designer, the right everything to do with moving office. What was supposed to take 6 months ended up taking 18.

Within 3 months of moving office we had reached full capacity. We now housed over 90 staff and were on track to achieve the £15mil mark, but staff morale was negatively affected and internal communication was becoming increasingly difficult. Aware of how long and complicated it was to move, we hired a professional to re-design the layout of the office and utilise our existing space more effectively while we searched for additional space.

Fortunately, we found additional space across the road and began plans to move our installations department, freeing up space for the operations director to build a new management team and improve the quality of our service, including the sales process.

During this period of time, I decided to venture away from the comfort of a huge salary within a fast growing company to launch my own creative agency. Within 4 weeks I secured a contract to the value of £108,000 + 25% of NP with Carl Hamilton, the CEO of ODI, Office Design and Innovation. They were a relatively new company that specialised in helping companies move office, providing free services to help manage the process more effectively.

In redesigning their company, building their website, writing their brochure, visiting their customers and analysing their sales process, I learned that the moving office industry needed to be redesigned. Why didn't I know this service existed when I was moving office 2 years ago? It would have saved me time and money, and furthermore I could have focused all of my attention on the core of our business. I wanted to raise awareness of the services available to companies moving office and help everyone involved. started as a platform to connect companies moving office with trusted suppliers that provide free expert advice, reducing costs by 15% and saving 40% on the time taken to move. We are now connected to 1000's of suppliers, including global partners that can help companies relocate anywhere in the world. We have a world class team supporting the movement and have plans to create a complete market place, helping companies source their new office, manage a successful move, connect with trusted suppliers and get instant quotes for a complete fit out, insurance, finance and utilities. Whether you are spending £50,000 or £2,000,000, our service is completely free, and if you choose one our recommended partners we will even give you 1% cash back.

Are you moving office? Go to and get a quote now.

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