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Processing regret

Regret can often be an uncomfortable emotion to sit with, it can make our chests tight and our breathing heavy.

If you feel this way, it is because you have a negative perspective on regret, which is most likely causing you to make the same mistakes over and over again.

By learning to process regret as a positive emotion (which it is!), we will release our bodies from anxiety, soften the mind, and manifest a more positive future.

How does negative regret affect us?

- Self-critical

- Negative thought patterns

- Distraction from the lesson at hand

- Increases likelihood of repeating the same mistake

Do you have negative regret?

I want you to imagine a scenario where you've felt regret; maybe you did something that you later wish you didn't do? Maybe you forgot something important that affected your business and you have made the same mistake countless times before?

Whatever the scenario, I want you to go back to how it felt when you made that mistake.

Did it start a cycle of negative self-talk? Did it create a feeling of discomfort?

If so, then you are processing regret negatively and limiting your potential.

We are only human, and humans make mistakes.

This 5 step process will help you process regret positively and access the lesson available to you.

5-Steps to processing regret positively:

1. Accept

Accept that you made a mistake and be kind to yourself. What we resist, persists. By resisting the truth that you made a mistake will create more of the same. Perhaps there is a story in your mind that says it is painful, to admit the truth to yourself or others will create problems and it's easier to avoid it. This will make you sick, it will hurt the people around you, and it will block the lesson available to you. Accept the truth. You messed up. It's okay!

2. Forgive yourself

Some people make mistakes and do not feel regret. This could be because thy do not have the same emotions as a typical human being (psychopath), or it could be because they have buried their regrets so deep that they have now completely disconnected from this amazing emotion. So first of all, be proud of yourself for feeling regret. It means you recognise that you have done something other then the highest choice, and by very definition this means that you know instinctively what the highest choice is. Be grateful that you have a conscience and feel regret, and be proud that you are willing to accept the truth. Forgive yourself.

3. Learn the lesson

Now that you have accepted the truth and forgiven yourself, there will be clarity on your pattern of behaviour. Instinctively you will recognise the trigger; the thought, feeling or action that eventually leads to this type of behaviour. Now that you have this new awareness, you will be conscious of when it pops up again. This provides opportunity to catch yourself before allowing the mistake to manifest again.

4. Let it go

Now that you have discovered the lesson, trust yourself and have faith. Believe without doubt that your conscious mind has taught your subconscious mind a new program. Like an alarm, you have just set a trigger that will automatically raise your awareness when this pattern of behaviour is activated in the future. Let it go.

5. Contemplate.

We live such busy lives in society that it becomes all too easy to avoid self-reflection. Taking the time at a later date to contemplate provides opportunity to examine behaviour, listen to feeling and reprogram thoughts. If your existing belief and programs are hard-wired (developed over a long period of time), it will take consistent contemplation and conscious programming to override it permanently.

Watch a little less TV and invest in your mind, it's a very powerful tool.

Enjoy contemplation and upgrade your internal processes.

Accept > Forgive > Learn > Let go > Contemplate.


Thanks for reading. I would love to hear from anyone that applies this process to their thinking. Share the love.

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