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I've heard a lot of reasons why people refuse to become Vegan and I completely understand. 12 months ago I would have laughed at you if you suggested I would become a vegetarian let alone vegan. I made the transition very slowly, reducing red meat and pork to begin with, then chicken, then fish, and then finally removing diary (yes cheese and yoghurt was hard!).

During this process, I remember having doubts about whether I was getting enough protein. The truth is, there is just as much protein in a meal of brown rice, legumes and beans as there is a steak. That being said, it's not always easy as a vegan to find foods when out and about. Plus, if you are like going to the gym you may want to continue taking additional protein. I have tried several different proteins that are available on the market and I have come to the decision that Pulsin Hemp Protein is the best. There is something magical about consuming something that is just 1 ingredient. The protein I used to drink (whey based) contained so many other ingredients and I didn't know what any of them were. Hemp powder is 49% protein so there's no risk in not getting enough! I have 2 shakes every day, made using my nutri-bullet.

Summer smoothies

Here are some of my recipes for you to try

Summer smoothie: Apple juice | Frozen strawberries | Frozen banana | Hemp Protein

Pina Colada: Apple juice | Coconut milk | Frozen banana | Hemp protein

Peanut butter madness: Coconut milk | Peanut butter | Frozen banana | Hemp protein

Oreo godess: Coconut milk | Peanut butter | Frozen banana | Oreos | Hemp protein

Pulsin Hemp Protein Powder

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  • Versatile unflavoured vegan protein powder​

  • high in Fibre and Omega 3

  • Easily mixes into sweet and savoury recipes and smoothies

  • 49% Protein

  • Grown in the UK


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