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10 Steps to Rebranding your Company

Re-branding an established business is an opportunity to redefine your company vision, mission statement and values. It gives business owners the chance to decide what message they want send to prospective clients, how they want their staff to feel when they are at work, and where the company is heading.

While running a Sales & Marketing led Security and Installations company we decided that we wanted clients to feel like they were dealing with a friendly and approachable company that provides a complete service for home services; security, electrical, heating and insurance. We wanted our staff to feel like they were part of a community, driving toward the same common goal, and we wanted to sell the business within 12-18 months.

1. Decide why you are re-branding

2. Define your vision

3. Define your mission statement

4. Define your values

5. Design your logo

6. Build your website

7. Design your brochure

8. Train you staff

9. Notify existing customers

10. Launch

In order to achieve the best out of a re-brand, it's important to include your staff. Internal communication is imperative as customers need to have a fluid experience when they deal with each department within the business. I've attached some photos and slides from the presentation we used to launch the new brand internally. If you would like to learn about how to launch your new brand to attract more customers get in touch.

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