Just like everything else in the Universe, your dreams and desires already exist within the Quantum Field, and once you learn how to "Seduce the Field," you will have the power to consciously create your life!

From beginning to end, "Seducing the Field" will guide you through the process of Conscious Creation, and step by step, you will learn how to:

  • Use the power of the Universe to create any dream
  • Identify personal issues that block manifestation
  • Avoid the most common manifestation pitfalls
  • Know what you want (and how to create it!)
  • Reprogram your subconscious mind
  • Eliminate disempowering beliefs
  • Co-create with your Higher Self
  • Align with universal principles
  • Avert unwanted experiences
  • Live in the Fifth Dimension
  • Live in the Fifth Dimension
  • And, much more!

While exploring the 33 Manifestation Keys, you'll discover specific nuances that can either delay or expedite manifestation, and by exposing the “missing pieces" of manifestation that no one ever talks about, you'll also uncover key elements that can make the difference between failure and success!

Finally, to help you identify specific issues that might be blocking a desired dream, there's even a “Conscious Creation Problem Solving Checklist," and while you find answers to the most common manifestation questions and pitfalls, many misleading myths will be dispelled.

“Seducing the Field" also includes over 40 true stories! Each unique and inspiring story demonstrates the amazing power of Conscious Creation!

By learning how to “Seduce the Field," you're on your way to becoming a Master of Manifestation!

"Seducing the Field" is based on a virtual model of reality, and although this model best explains the dynamics of manifestation, whether or not, reality is virtual, the knowledge within this book remains unchanged.

Seducing the Field: the Masters Guide to Manifestation!



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