Unlock the power of your mind


Do you want to learn and improve meditation?

Discover the nature of your mind.

The Meditation program is designed to help you find the perfect meditation practice. There are over 23 different types of meditation, so which one is best for you? Practice with an expert and enhance your meditation experience. . 


Meditation is the most precious gift we have, and it's free to practice anywhere and everywhere.

What results can I expect?

Reduce stress

Emotional well being

Lengthen attention span, focus and concentration.

Generate love and kindness

Impoved sleep

Quieten the busy mind

Control anxiety

Enhance self-awareness

Reduce memory loss and access new memory

Overcome addictions

Control pain

Enhance spiritual practice

What does this programme include?

Choose between 6, 12 and 18 week programs that will include...

Weekly telephone and video calls

Bespoke guided meditation

Breathing exercises

Unlimited emails and messaging

Tools to enhance your practice

Mantra, rituals & affirmations

Explore various meditation methods

Intentions and visualisation

Physical exercises

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 Cultivate a peaceful mind.

6 Weeks


12 Weeks


18 Weeks


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