How can Will help you?



Everything happens exactly how it's supposed to. If you are reading this right now, then you are exactly where you are meant to be. 


Unless you've already met, Will won't know you and he won't know what you want from life. But the real question is do you? 


Most people fall into the routine of blending in. Will was born into a society where it's 'normal' to go to university, get a 9-5 job for a major corporation, buy a house, find a wife, have a family, retire at 65 and then start living life the way you really want. This wasn't the life he wanted to live.


What society do you come from? What limitations have been set in your mind by friends, family and the environment you grew up in? What if this isn't the life you want? How do you escape the expectation set by those around you?


It's easy to get lost in life, sometimes we need a little bit of guidance to help us transition from the life we are living, to the life we want to live. 


When was the last time you gave yourself space to ask what it is that you truely want from life? Are you creating huge to do lists of wants and desires, only to obtain those things and receive temporary happiness, or to create another list that places your happiness in the future? 


The good news is that it's never too late to take action. If life happens exactly how it's supposed to, and you aren't living the life you truly want yet, then the experiences lived to this very moment have all been designed to show you who you are, what you want, and how to make a conscious shift that enables you to unlock those gifts and bring that which you were brought into the universe to bring. The key to achieving this is to listen to yourself and develop the strength to stay connected with that inner guide. Life will test us over and over again so we need to install internal mechanisms that keep us on our true path. 


Will has developed, tried and tested programs that will take you on a journey of self-development, that force you to look at yourself, reevaluate your life and discover a life worth living, the life you truly want and are capable of having. Once discovered, Will provides ongoing support to ensure that the transition from A to B is as smooth as possible.


If we take the time to invest in ourselves then we are simultaneously investing in our health, wealth and happiness. It is possible to improve every aspect of our lives if we choose to.


Although Will has developed programs that are useful in helping us change our lives, every person and every situation is completely unique. The most powerful results come from developing a close, personal relationship. Will always listens carefully and emphatically, and he asks questions that you may never have been asked before to stimulate your thinking and provoke emotions; to give clarity and direction when needed. Will is not here to tell you what to do, he is here exactly as you need him.  


Will helps people with;




Spiritual development

Breaking bad habits

Developing healthy habits

Depression, fear and anxiety

Processing trauma​

Self-belief, self-worth and self-esteem

Trust, faith and patience 

Discipline and commitment



Health, fitness and nutrition

Career development

Business strategy



Conscious awakening

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