Discover what real health feels like.


Do you know what true health feels like?

Cultivate longevity.

The Health & Nutrition program is designed to help you understand what healthy really means. It begins with reviewing your existing habits; exercise, diet, routine and sleep. Based on your current habits, a program will be designed to educate, guide and transform the choices you make to one of purity and health. 


It includes a range of tried and tested tools and techniques that dissolve bad habits and install new ones that serve a healthier lifestyle.

What results can I expect?

Break bad eating habits

Increase in energy & vitality

Feel better about yourself and your body

Lose weight and improve your physical appearance

Better skin, hair and nails

Improved sleep

Install new healthy habits

Improved focus & concentration

A new love for healthy foods

Knowledge and understanding of good health & nutrition

Regular bowel movements

Reduce risk of cancer and other serious illnesses

What does this programme include?

Choose between 6, 12 and 18 week programs that will include...

Weekly telephone and video calls

Alkalise the body


Herbal tea & Tonics

Unlimited emails and messaging

Detox liver, kidneys and intestines

Superfoods and supplements

GMO education

Accountability Exercises

Tracking performance

Physical exercise 


This programme will completely transform your relationship with food, exercise and the physical body. 

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 It's time to be held accountable and live your full potential!

6 Weeks


12 Weeks


18 Weeks


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