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What has Will achieved in the Business World?


Will has always had the entrepreneurial mindset. At the young age of 13 he was buying and selling various products and motivating his fellow students to take action for profits. Will was that kid at school who had the energy to visit the Saturday market and buy crisps, sweets and fizzy drinks in bulk to then later sell at school. Sometimes he would buy doughnuts and warm them up on the school radiator so they were caramelized and extra tasty.


At 16 years old, Will convinced his Mum to let him buy a Moped and started travelling further afield. He would find the latest trending products and sell them on for 100% profit margins, building relationships with market owners and taking orders in advance; so that he was guaranteed to sell his stock. 


It wasn't long until Will realised that the market stall owners were making a good margin on what they sold to him, so he started searching online for the manufacturers. This might be easy enough to do in today's world, with websites like Alibaba and Shopify being well known, but 10 years ago this was not the case! To be sure he was buying high-quality products from reputable suppliers he would communicate with the factory manager via Skype in the early hours of the morning. With a live product demonstration direct from the source, Will could comfortably part with his money via PayPal. With his own product range secured he launched a weekly market stall and online shop called 'The Student Stall'. Within a short space of time he had over 5,000 Fans on Facebook and, together with that helped with packaging, distribution and manning the stall, he was generating over £1,000 of sales per week. 


This success and network of fans enabled Will and his friend to start an events company, running various nights at the University clubs. They would create and promote their own events, taking the money on the door while the club would benefit from the sale of alcohol. The events were always held on nights where they would otherwise be closed or near on empty, so it was easy to gain permission. Needless to say, it was both financially rewarding and extremely fun. 


At 19 years old Will started thinking bigger; a few thousand pounds per week was great, especially as a student...but he knew there was more to make. While smoking a joint with his friend one Friday night, a conversation took place about how badly organised the Christmas events were at Loughborough University. Each Hall had its own student committee who were responsible for organising their individual Christmas Ball. There wasn't much creativity, and although each hall organised their own event, everyone would end up going to the same hotel, for the same experience. They weren't thinking like Will...what about the economies of scale?


With this in mind, Will and his friend started getting various quotes to throw their own Christmas Balls. They negotiated with various hotels and secured cheaper prices based on the number of students they could guarantee. They organised everything; from transport, photographers, pianists, after parties and cheaper drinks prices. They created their own contract (with the guidance of Google) and set up meetings with each of the student committees. Together, Will and his friend pitched the idea; for the same price the students would usually pay, they would get a better event without having to organise anything - all they had to do was sign the paperwork and sell tickets! It was genius; The boys had recruited their own sales team with direct access to the target market, free of charge! Within 10-weeks from having the idea, they sold over 3,000 tickets and generated £45,000 in revenue. . 


The following year they decided to up their game and throw a summer event. Will created brochures with their company logo 'Univents' and formed a partnership with Funky Tents, a national events company who supplied Glastonbury festival. The event would have been amazing, but they needed at least 8 of the 12 halls to sign up in order to break-even. Easy right? They had all 12 the year before... 


Unfortunately, they didn't think about competition!! The idea inspired a local nightclub owner to try his luck at throwing student events of this nature and, with his financial backing, experience and network, he had a great head start; signing up 4 of the halls before Will and his friend had even finalised their event! After a few stressful weeks they only secured 7 of the 12 halls and the event was a non-starter. It was a great learning curve.


Despite this minor setback, Will was not short of opportunities. Reckitt Benckiser a Fortune 250 company hired him as a Brand Ambassador to promote their company as a great place to work for graduates, he had an interview with Goldman Sachs the world's most famous Investment Banking Group, and he was heading for a 1st in his Business Economics and Finance Degree. It was great, but something inside of him said this wasn't the right path for him; he had proven that he could be successful on his own, so getting a degree and working for a major corporation just didn't feel right.

With the confidence of a few successful ventures behind him, Will decided to defer a year at University and become a full-time business owner. Will joined a small but rapidly expanding business in sales & marketing. It was his intention to participate in the growth of this company, learn how to build and grow a larger business while earning the money required to do so for himself. This choice turned into a 5-year journey of building the company from 8 staff and a turnover of £500,000, into a company of 100 employees, over 4,000 customers and a turnover in excess of £3.5m per annum. At 25 years old, Will was a Managing Director and 25% shareholder in a £multi-million company. 


It provided the foundation to invest in other companies such as GTS, an LED lighting company with a vision to reduce the carbon footprint of major corporations. I travelled to HKTDC, the Hong Kong lighting exhibition and chose 6 manufacturers, whose factories I visited in Shenzhen, China. Using an effective business plan we secured $100,000 in stock with 90-day payment terms, something that very few companies succeed at.


To those that have read 'My Story', you'll know that this all came to an abrupt ending when Will's business partner locked him out of the business. It was an incredibly challenging time; it set Will on a journey of self-development, which you can read about in his book 'A Trip to Self-Discovery'. The truth is that everything happens for a reason, and what happened between Will and his business partner was a blessing; the 18 months it took him to recover helped Will to master himself, which is the ultimate key to success.


Those struck with darkness learn how to find the light. 


During his recovery period, Will set out to master the online business sector so that he could travel the world. He wanted to see the world before committing to the next phase of his life, which would involve building a global company. Will founded MyOfficeMove, an online marketplace for moving office. MOM connects an entire industry to a central platform, which helps companies moving office source everything they need effortlessly; office space, surveyors, solicitors, fit out contractors, furniture, IT & Telecoms and removal companies, while simultaneously reducing the sales & marketing spend of agents and suppliers in the industry. Will built this technology company while travelling the world and recently exited as a silent shareholder. He now travels the world while coaching people worldwide to wake up, become the best version of themselves and live a life of meaning, purpose and fulfilment. 


This website was created to inspire other people on their journey in business and life. Will has the tools to support a diverse range of people, from entrepreneurs to CEO's of major corporations.

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