To help others is to help yourself

Become a Coach

What is a Coach?

The definition of a Coach is subjective; it can be a mentor, a teacher or a guide. Ultimately, a coach is someone that takes a person from their current state, to the state they wish to be. 

A coach will listen, reflect, challenge, question and create transformation.

How do I become a Coach?

Start by choosing what type of coach you want to be. 

Are you a great business person? Do you love health & nutrition? Have you overcome depression & anxiety? What it is that you love to do? What challenges have you overcome that other people face every day? This is your calling. 

There are many styles to choose from, and you can even create your own. 

Business Coach

Lifestyle Coach

Accountability Coach

Careers Coach

Goal Setting Coach

Wellness Coach

Relationship Coach

Personal Development Coach

Wealth Coach

Spiritual Awakening Coach

Clarity Coach

Health & Nutrition Coach

The next step is to put yourself through the tools, techniques and programmes that you wish to teach. This can be done via online study, reading books, attending seminars and workshops, and most importantly self practice.


How can you teach something that you haven't experienced first hand? 


Putting yourself through the process will reveal personal insight, knowledge and wisdom that can only be known through experience. With this experience, you will be ready to guide others. 

Hiring a coach with the experience you desire can accelerate this process. The best way to become a coach, is to be coached. It supports your transformation and teaches you how to coach simultaneously. 

Is coaching right for me?

Start with Why

Why do you want to be a coach? Is it for love, or money?


Human beings are incredibly intuitive and sense intention. Choosing to help for money is not conducive to trust and transformation, and it is likely that sales tools and manipulation will be required to convince others that you can help. Besides, do you really want to spend the next few years doing something just for money? 

If you love helping people, coaching is a great way of serving others. Giving support to those in need is truly an incredible experience. The amazing and rewarding secret to helping others is that you are simultaneously helping yourself. While coaching, you will discover new and interesting insights that will enhance your soul evolution, and enable you to help more and more people. 

How do I attract Clients?

If you love helping people, you will naturally attract clients without wasting energy. Each time you develop a new skill to support others, you will unlock the door to manifesting people with the equivalent problem. The key is to believe and take action

When you are ready, there are tools available to reach more people;





Email Marketing

Write a Book

Host Workshops

Speak at events



A dedicated page to each of the above will be available soon. Subscribe to be notified when. 

Do you want to help others?

Help yourself.

To become a coach, first you must live and experience whatever it is you wish to teach. If you want to help people become fit and healthy, be fit and healthy. If you want to help people become financially free, be financially free. It really is that simple. 

There are thousands of coaches available to help you. Listen to your gut feeling and trust that the right person is waiting to show you the way. If you would like to be coached by Will, or one of his students, book your initial consultation now or take a look at his programmes.