This site is a resource of knowledge, wisdom and practical exercises that support ones search for truth and enlightenment; to live without suffering. 


There is already an abundance of content available on this site (blog posts, book recommendations, and an introduction to Will's coaching programmes), but there is much more to come;


 Meditation, Yoga and Qi Gong. 

Tools, techniques and practical exercises to improve one's life and business. 

Health & Nutritional advice including diet, fasting and detoxing. 

Natural healing modalities, such as TRE, rebirthing and darkroom meditation. 

Eastern medicine and energy work. 

The worlds most affordable healing centers and retreats. 

Temples to visit and stay (by donation only). 

An introduction to various courses and programmes around the world. 

Content from the Worlds most influential leaders in self-development and spiritual growth.

Videos, audiobooks, and podcasts. 

Spiritual texts and manifestation guides.

Investment guides to build and grow benefit corporations. 

An online conscious community. 

Coaches, healers, teachers, and guides from all around the world. 

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